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RC Paraglider Paralight -  Pre-flight preparations:

  1. Check the integrity of the parachute and aircraft.
  2. Make sure that your flight location is clear and suitable for your first flight.
  3. Charge the batteries: those of the remote control and those of the receiver.
  4. Charge the battery of the starter in case you are not using the car battery.
  5. Charge the battery of the booster which you are going to use to start the engine plug.
  6. Check that you have enough fuel from the right type.
  7. Make sure you have all of the accessories to start the Paralight: fuel pump, starter, 
  8. Organize all the tools you may need: Philips and regular screwdriver, wrenches, pliers,sellotape, spare parts: propeller, fuel tubes, plug, and extra batteries.
  9. In case you have additional accessories make sure you bring them, for example prop.




The RC Paraglider Paralight, takeoff as an airplane does. After a short acceleration on a track against the wind direction while the parachute is spread as a wind the Paralight will liftoff up to the sky. Increasing the flight speed is made by increasing the engine r.p.m. and in the same time the control of the height from the ground will be increased. Directing the Paralight right or left is made is made by diverting the parachute right or left using the control stick and the servo controller attached to it. The landing is made against the wind direction by gradually lowering the craft.

RC Paraglider Paralight - Organizing in the flight zone:
  • Choose the location where you are going to put your equipment and organize. Make sure it is in a safe distance from the takeoff and landing zone (at least 5 meter). Make sure that the parking zone is distanced from the organizing zone and that your car is not blocked.
  • Detect the wind direction and locate the aircraft properly so that its front side is direct against the wind direction (in this mode if you’ll connect the engine it will spread backward to the aircraft and it won’t get stuck in the engine).
  • In case you can hang a piece of rag in a location that can help you identify the wind direction near the takeoff and landing.
  • Refuel the fuel tank and check the steering and remote control system. Prepare the starter and booster for ignition.

RC Paraglider Paralight – what to expect in first flight?

The flight character of the Paralight is calm and steady. Changing the direction right or left should be made softly to allow controlling it. While flying against the wind direction the aircraft will lift up and while flying with the wind direction the aircraft will decrease in height even if no change have been made to the engine r.p.m. To maintain a steady height you should adjust the engine r.p.m. accordingly (lower against the wind direction and increase with the wind direction).

Controlling the aircraft is made by using a remote control. Hold the remote control and maneuver the aircraft right or left using the right handle. Feel the respond of the craft while taking height before changing the engine r.p.m.

Check the respond of the aircraft by turning it to the sides and by flying with and against the wind direction. Pay attention to the distance between you and the aircraft; make sure it won’t be more then 200-300 meters. There is no need to fly it to much away from you all the fun is flying it where you can see it clearly and control it easily. Maneuver the aircraft and practice while the aircraft is direction to your and not from you so if the aircraft will carry away you will be able to control it. 

The RC Paraglider is tending to use the wind power and climb up. Use this property to decrease fuel consumption and make sure to maintain a reasonable height by lowering the engine r.p.m. when needed. When you direct the Paralight to the sides make sure that you are at least 20 meters above the ground the reason is that when the craft turn it decrease in height and you must take it into consideration.
RC Paraglider Paralight - Landing:

1. The landing should accrue against the wind direction. When you land the craft lower it’s height to 30 meter above the ground in an estimated range of 30-50 metes from the track. Direct the craft to land in a steady speed and height and gradually lower the craft altitude until it reach the ground and land.

2. In an emergency or in any case you wish to land immediately turn the handle in the remote control to either sides and cause the RC Paragliding to spin around itself while lowering into a reasonable height before landing. Make sure to get out of this situation in a low r.p.m. and gradually. In case of need use the reduction button in the remote control to receive a precise respond to the maneuver.
3. When the RC Paragliding touches the ground turn the engine off and await to it complete stop. In case the aircraft have crash landed turn off the engine before approaching the craft. In case the engine didn’t turned off approach it and turnoff the engine by pushing the fuel tube connected between the fuel tank and the engine until the engine turned-off. Be careful to keep your hands and body away from the engine to not get hurt.


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