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Organizing in the flight zone: 
  • Choose the location where you are going to put your equipment and organize. Make sure it is in a safe distance from the takeoff and landing zone (at least 5 meter). Make sure that the parking zone is distanced from the organizing zone and that your car is not blocked.
  • Detect the wind direction and locate the aircraft properly so that its front side is direct against the wind direction (in this mode if you’ll connect the engine it will spread backward to the aircraft and it won’t get stuck in the engine).
  • In case you can hang a piece of rag in a location that can help you identify the wind direction near the takeoff and landing.
  • Refuel the fuel tank and check the steering and remote control system. Prepare the starter and booster for ignition.


First Take-Off – Training & Practicing  

The powered parachute paralight takeoff as an airplane does. After a short acceleration on a track against the wind direction while the parachute is spread as a wind the Paralight will liftoff up to the sky. Increasing the flight speed is made by increasing the engine r.p.m. and in the same time the control of the height from the ground will be increased. Directing the Paralight right or left is made is made by diverting the parachute right or left using the control stick and the servo controller attached to it. The landing is made against the wind direction by gradually lowering the craft.
The Paralight is tending to use the wind power and climb up. Use this property to decrease fuel consumption and make sure to maintain a reasonable height by lowering the engine r.p.m. when needed. When you direct the Paralight to the sides make sure that you are at least 20 meters above the ground the reason is that when the craft turn it decrease in height and you must take it into consideration.




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