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How does the RC parachute fly? 
The RC PARACHUTE is based on a soft wing, which, in conjunction with the appropriate fuselage, creates an aircraft with unique flight characteristics and features. The rc parachutes engine is located in the rear, acting as an accelerating factor that provides the necessary thrust for takeoff. The rc parachute is piloted by controlling the parachute, shifting it right or left as needed. The rc parachute does not have ailerons and the altitude is determined by the speed of the engine; when the engine runs faster the craft will ascend, and it will descend when engine speed is lowered. 
What is the average time required to learn to successfully fly the rc motorized parachute paralight?
The rc motorized parachute was designed to be easy to operate, without requiring extended training time. However, just as with other remote control flight hobbies, time must be devoted to practice and familiarizing oneself with the craft and the manner in which it responds when airborne.  The rc motorized parachute is relatively simple to learn for people with prior experience with remote controlled aircraft, and it may take them just a few hours to master the Paralight. This process might be a bit lengthier for someone who has no previous experience with remote control aircraft. 

If this is the case, you should familiarize yourself with the remote control system, the motor, and the accompanying ignition equipment prior to using the product. An experienced individual who is familiar with the abovementioned systems should assist novice users so that training and practice time will be devoted mostly to controlling the motorized parachute, proper takeoff and landing. 

Where can the rc parachute paralight be flown? 
The rc motorized parachute should be flown in open spaces, away from buildings and groups of people. It is preferable to fly the craft in spaces designated for flying model airplanes or in other areas that allow for this hobby to be enjoyed with absolute safety.
How does rc parachute paralight differ from other? 
Paralight is the result of many years of planning and development, which included attention to the Slightest of details – a most reliable and dependable product with the best features and a wide variety of applications, especially in aerial photography.
Paralight is a large and impressive rc parachute, which was designed with the utmost care and devotion. Paralight is designed to provide an enjoyable hobby experience right from the start, and for many years to come.

Paralight - Simple and durable
Aerial photography using rc parachute

Paralight was designed so that standard photographic equipment could be attached with ease, within the craft’s weight restrictions. 
Paralight rc paraglider parachute particularly suitable aerial photography. In Photographic equipment market can be found in a large variety of cameras that can be easily placed on the body system and get great results for various uses. You can use iPhone, standard home camera or sports like GO PRO, and even car high-definition camera.

Paralighte's advantage against other aircraft being able to carry a weight of 400 grams of easily and perfectly protect camera equipment throughout the duration of the flight

The comfort continues in home and in the car when you think on how to store the craft. In any place we will be the Paralight will be packed and safe inside a special practical bag that always ready for carrying.

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