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In order to enjoy flying the Paralight, you have to know its properties and limits and also gain experience by using it correctly and to allow you to react quickly in different conditions. The user of the Paralight should cover himself with insurance, which isn't too expensive, but give in return a worthy protection in any case of accident.

The following instructions detail the correct use of the Paralight and could also be reviewed in the instruction manual attached to the product.

General Safety Instructions

  • Fly Paralight in open areas whose radius exceeds 500 meters.
  • Before every use, check the remote control system and coordinate your frequencies with other operators.
  • Make sure you fuel up the engine and connect the electrical contacts before every ignition.
  • When igniting the engine, make sure there are no people around and keep your hands clear of propeller.
  • Connect the parachute to the craft after igniting the engine on the runway.
  • Check wind direction before takeoff and make sure that the runway is clear for takeoff.
  • Both landing and takeoff should be executed when the craft is facing windward.
  • Do not use Paralight in extremely windy conditions. Please refer to the safety instructions for details.
  • Before and after every flight, make sure that the parachute is in working order. Do not use a damaged parachute.
  • Before and after every flight, check battery operation in the remote control unit and in the receiver unit on the aircraft. 

The Weather and especially the wind speed is a primary factor affecting your ability to fly the Paralight and to gain full control on the aircraft. The Powered kite – Paralight was design to operate in good wind condition (between 3 to 7 knot) and even in condition of 10 knot.

To enjoy flying the Paralight while keeping a high safety rating, we should check the weather and wind speed every time we wish to fly it. As a role, it is forbidden to fly the in rain or in hard wind. Conditions that allow us to fly are light to medium wind and a bright sky. It is possible to fly the Paralight in the night with the proper light kit but be warned it is only for experts and it's considered dangerous.

Flying in night is not advised because of the limited range of view, which could cause the craft to clash in high objects and make it hard to land it. The take off and landing shall accrue against the wind direction.

You must know the weather and wind speed before each flight and evaluate if the conditions will allow you to fly. It is possible to know the condition in several ways watching a waved flag or trees top, using technological means or even using an accurate report of meteorological stations given freely without charge.


Following is a table describing the wind speed and flight conditions


Wind speed in knot


Marks on the ground

The Paralight behavior

Less then 1

No air movement

Smoke is coming up vertically, a piece of paper falling down vertically.

The flight track will become a little longer but the flight will be smooth and quiet.

3 - 1

Light wind blow

The wind direct smoke in her tail but it can't turn around weather vane.

Ideal condition for lift off and flight. You can enjoy from the Paralight performance.

6 - 4

Silent wind

The wind is felt inside houses, thin branches of a tree moves a little, a weather van is turning around

Good condition for lift off and flight. You can enjoy from the Paralight performance.

10 - 7

Light wind

Leafs and soft cloths are in constant move, a flag is straighten up,

The lift off must be made directly against the wind. It is advised not to fly to high so the wind won't cause extreme result to aircraft behavior.

16 - 11

Moderate wind

Dust and pieces of paper are scattered around with the wind, thin branches of a tree moves a little,

Forbidden to fly the Paralight, limited control of the aircraft lift off and landing are rough.

21 - 17

Active wind

Thin trees are moving

Forbidden to fly the Paralight.

27 - 22

Hard wind

Thick trees are moving

Forbidden to fly the Paralight.


 Link to Air Sports Net Weather Center

Age limit:

Paralight is not for everyone. children under the age of 13 should use it under the supervision of an adult.


  • Follow the assembling instructions carefully
  • Do not use un-original parts without our permeation. Any use of unoriginal parts will be on your own risk, Paralight aviation will not be responsible for anything caused by unoriginal parts.

Pre flight preparations:

  • Keep your hands away from the propeller
  • The aircraft meant to be used in permitted areas only.
  • The user must hold a license to fly the aircraft (according to the state he stays in).
  • Check the weather condition allow you to fly the Paralight
  • Coordinate your channel with other remote control pilots
  • In the first flights it is advised to use the assistance of another person.


  • It is forbidden to fly the aircraft near power lines
  • It is forbidden to fly the aircraft above crowded people.
  • It is forbidden to fly the aircraft in populated area.
  • It is forbidden to fly the aircraft near airfields or near manned airplanes.
  • It is forbidden to fly the aircraft in a height that could risk manned airplanes.


  • Do not approach the aircraft until it landed on the ground, and its engine stopped completely


  • Maintain the aircraft before and after each flight as needed. 



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