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The attraction to the technological world and the inventing skills of the Roimi family, the founders of the company have started in their youth. They were especially attracted to the fascinated world of flight.  As years past the brothers continued to present their skills, each of them in their own field of duty which they specialized while serving in the air force. They didn’t forget their natural interest to create something new, one that would be considered a ground breaking in its field.
The environment which the boys grow up in was inspiring and invited new ways to fill in the spare hours. When they returned from school they dealt in a variety of developing that combined mechanic, electronic and creativity which didn’t had an end.

With time the inventions have advanced and became a fascinating hobby to create more and more new tools in the technical field as so in other fields as well.

Paralight CEO
The rc parachute as a platform for air photography was a challenge that took 6 years to crack. Moshe the founder of the company decided to transform the hobby into a business where he can express his technical and management talents into use. Alongside years of volunteering activities to hospitals children and to those who in needs he found out that the motored parachute could be the best answer to assist rescue squads and research bodies which their goal is research of life.  
At first, when the brothers thought of producing the parachute they turned to their mother and asked her to sew what they were planning for months. The mother of the family Dalia known as the seamstress of the family took up the challenge and created the first parachute and many more after.
What looked in first as a simple thing proved to be almost impossible. The cloth wasn’t of a regular type and the accuracy of sewing required many hours till completing one perfect parachute.
The rc paraglider which the brothers created started to surprise the senior staff of aero companies in Israel and attracted many from all over the globe to search him and ask from him to create different colors and shapes. The unique parachute is recognized in its two colors and its rectangle shape. It is recognized by the ministry of justice as a unique, new product and it is protected by owner rights. Today the special parachute known as a trademark: “PARALIGHT”.

A little on the name Paralight – when it was decided to give the aircraft and parachute a name a few options have been offered. Non of them described the properties of the craft good enough. In the end the name that was chosen described the simplicity to use of the aircraft and its main principle of flight which described the motored parachute. Para-Light was the best choice. 

In the beginning we offered a version to fans of remote control crafts. The fans found Paralight the perfect answer to problems in other known aircraft which are very vulnerable and expensive to maintain. The Paralight saved them time and opened to them a new world of possibilities in the field of air photographic. Since then we continued to offer the system to remote flight fans alongside a variety of advanced options to anyone interest in the advantage of the air photography system.

Our secret to success is love. Our vision is to provide the opportunity to as many people in the world to engage in a challenging hobby airport and enjoy a continuous and endless possibilities.

2001 Dalya Roimi sewing the first parachute

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