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Since I was a kid I loved technology and aviation, but I was also very friendly. When I began the hobby airport I noticed that I was most of the time alone, I can not invite the people closest to me to experience and enjoy together with me and it was very frustrating.

When I decided to build my own aircraft, I knew he would be a parachute with a motor, strong, impressive and high quality. I wanted to give me many hours of pleasure without damage, and option to share my frinds and family with full confidence even if thay never flown a remote control aircraft befor.

I started PARALIGHT company in 2004 with a vision to provide the same amazing experience to people all over the world. I wanted every child, teenager or older, know that they can choose between normal plane, helicopter or rc parachute large and professional. 
I admit I was surprised proven and proud enthusiasm of everyone who gets possession of the remote control parachute created. 10-year project and an unwavering investment in materials, quality service and support around the clock allowing me today to deliver products anywhere in the world. Since the first model was launched in motorized parachute, the Company reserves the principles and values ​​that have made a secret of her success. High Quality - deadlines and commitments - the availability of support and service - fair price
My vision through paralight make people happy with a professional remote control hobby. PARALIGHT never disappoint and will allow a variety of options to challenge and fun with or without a camera. I did everything so my customers feel they are getting a fair return on their investment. Paralight is large and impressive work, which has been designed carefully removed. It comes with all accessories ready to install the required quality standard gas or electric motor
Each order is treated immediately. Each system is built from the beginning to the last detail and only then is sent to the destination. If the remote control motorized parachute interesting to you or put your life a new challenge I invite you to join my circle of friends and guarantee you will be satisfied 

Moshe Roimi

International shipping, support and and payment secure  

Products can be delivered to any country around the world that has commercial relations with Israel. We use the international EMS system employed by all postal authorities.

Each order passes for the technical department as soon as payment in preparation for shipment. After testing and verifying customer information and address will be sent to a customer it should be noted the expected delivery date and the product reaches its destination. We make every effort to send products within a day or two in any case not later than 72 hours of receipt of payment. After the shipment we update the customer about T.N ( Tracking Number ) a number of shipping so he can track the delivery status.

Delivery time is usually 7-14 business days. In unusual circumstances, delivery time may be longer – as a result of disruptions with the dispatcher and/or the authorities of the country from which the product is sent or to which it is sent. 

The shipment fee includes warranty in a case of cargo lose or damage. In any problem with the shipment the customer must report us during 24 hours since he received the product. The customer must present documents indicate the problem and if needed a picture of the damaged package and product. According to the document presented the company shall decide the rate of the compensation. In a case of need to deliver new product / parts the customer will be needed to pay for the new shipment cost.

Shipping charges include processing, handling and insurance fees ( No Taxes). When ordering more than one product, shipping fees will be based on the total weight of the order. In this event, charges will generally be less than the grand total displayed with the order.

Payment options

The product will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed. Products ordered will be charged at the time the order is placed via through one of the following methods:

► Pay Pal Peyment

►Direct transfer to Paralight’s bank account. In this case, account details will be 
   provided when you place your order.
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Warranty for the product and generally

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