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Can I order and receive products from any country in the world? 

We respect any order from any country around the globe which has commercial relations with Israel. Estimated time of international shipments is usually about a week. Not including a stay at customs or delay is not our responsibility
  Do I need extra equipment to those already supplied in order to maintain and use the craft.  when ordering a system we supply all which needed to install your gas or electric motor and remote control.

Gas version includes:

  • Paralight chassis.
  • Parachute, 2 m long.
  • 1- High Torque Servo 13 kg + Servo saver. 
  • Fuel tank - 10oz
  • 3X Landing Wheels 2.5".
  • Suitable Pusher prop ( 11x7 ).
  • Special customized spinner.
  • Mount for engine.
  • Special box for the receiver and battery. 
  • Instructions manual. 
     Tools (open key + Extra screws set ).

ELectric version includes:

    • Paralight chassis.
    • Parachute 2 m long.
    • 3X Landing Wheels 2.5".
    • Suitable prop ( 13x4.7SF).
    • Special customized spinner.
    • Mount for electric motor.
    • Tools + Extra screws set .
    •  Instructions manual. 
  • Do I need a license to use the system?

    In every country there are different rules and regulation regarding the use of remote controlled craft. In most countries everyone is allowed to use remote controlled craft as long as he stick to the safety regulation and doesn’t danger anyone. It is recommended to check this subject in the local air authority or aerial clubs before using the system.

  • To which application the system is most efficient at ?
    In every condition that require quality air photography from a height of several dozen meters and in a radius of till 1 km. Using the system will supply an immediate answer to: locating trapped people after natural disaster such as flood and earthquake searching for missing people in the desert and problematic locations for flight and foot search, archeological research, examining animals and birds, damage reports, supervising and guarding over agriculture fields, supervising over nature reserve and safari. 

  • What is the advantage of the system comparing to manned aircraft?
    A substantial saving in the handling cost, not risking human lives in dangerous places to fly, immediate use without need of flight infrastructure, availability without dependence on other factors, best quality of pictures for variety of needs.
  • What are the limits of the system ?
    The system can be activated in a good weather condition with winds of till 10 knots, in places where the pilot always has an eye contact with the craft according to the safety regulation required by law. The system is not fitted to be used above crowded people or residential areas.

  • What included in the warranty supplied in the purchase ?
    Paralight is the only product on the remote control is given any responsibility. This is because we rely on the quality of our product and wish to give confidence to each client at the outset.

    The basic warranty supplied covers any damage to the parachute for 3 months since the purchase. The warranty can be upgraded till complete warranty which includes the electronically and control systems. 
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  • How can I receive support in case of need ?
    We are available 24 hours a day to receive any message and to answer to questions and anyone who needs our support. The fastest respond is through our web site, E-mail and phone. 
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